Grounding Assessment Checklist

This powerful tool guides viewers through a transformative DEI assessment process, helping organizations evaluate their current practices, policies, and culture to identify areas for growth and change. Embrace diversity, foster inclusivity, and build a stronger, more united community with this essential resource.
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  • Learn how to conduct an in-depth assessment of eight critical areas within your organizational systems, paving the way for meaningful change and progress
  • Explore detailed processes for evaluating leadership commitment, hiring practices, workplace culture, employee engagement, training and development, policies and procedures, communication strategies, and community outreach
  • Uncover insights, address gaps, and propel your organization towards a more inclusive and equitable future. Embrace the power of DEI with confidence and purpose using this essential resource
A comprehensive approach

Prepare for sustainable change & measurable impact

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Key Areas Included


Workforce Demographics


Hiring & Recruitment Process


Policies & Procedures


Training & Education


Employee Engagement & Support 


Supplier Diversity & Community Engagement


Evaluation & Metrics 


Organizational Culture & Climate 

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