5 Essential Tips for Unlocking DEI

Transforming Healthcare with 5 Proven Tips for Gaining Buy-In from Leaders.

This toolkit is your secret weapon to advance health equity, backed by data and real success stories. Empower yourself to drive change, improve patient outcomes, and create a diverse and inclusive healthcare environment. Let's revolutionize healthcare together!
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  • 5 Essential tips for gaining buy-in from healthcare leadership
  • Step-by-step guide to take action to institutionalize change
  • Resources, references and tools to move you forward 
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The Challenge

The section on challenges in this tool highlights the hesitance of healthcare leaders to embrace DEIA initiatives, which hinders the progress towards fostering an inclusive and equitable healthcare environment. This reluctance negatively impacts the well-being of healthcare professionals and patients alike. Additionally, the ongoing political debate surrounding DEI further holds back the advancement of health equity, making it crucial for healthcare professionals to overcome these barriers and advocate for meaningful change.


5 Tips for Gaining Buy-In From Healthcare Leaders

The section on the 5 tips for gaining buy-in from healthcare leaders in this tool provides valuable strategies to overcome challenges in advancing DEIA and health equity. By following these tips, healthcare professionals can effectively communicate the importance of DEIA initiatives to leaders, foster a more inclusive healthcare environment, and ultimately improve patient outcomes and the overall well-being of healthcare professionals.


Step-by-Step Resources & Tools 

The section on step-by-step resources in this tool provides a comprehensive guide to making a strong healthcare business case for DEIA, offering a compelling narrative to support the initiatives, and understanding the laws that mandate unconscious bias training. It also offers a wealth of recommended trainings and policy changes to foster a more inclusive and equitable healthcare environment. By utilizing these resources, healthcare professionals can effectively navigate the complexities of advocating for DEIA, gain leadership buy-in, and take meaningful actions to advance health equity within their organizations.
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