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What is Structural Racism?

Most people are familiar with the concept that 'race is a structural construct, not a biological one,' however, most of us have not been taught WHO created it. When it was constructed and for what purpose. Why do we continue to use it in scientific research and medical treatment if it is not biological?  

These courses present the origins of race as we experience it contemporarily, and explore the complexities of structural racism, in order to support learners in increasing your ability to navigate racial dynamics and contribute to equity.

What's included?

Terms, constructs & tools for navigating critical conversations

Be prepared to engage and lead critical conversations with diverse teams, and take authentic action in solidarity to enhance equity. 

Social, political, historical context

This bundle grounds learners in the historical context of the creation of race as a stratifying and divisive concept. The political and social landscape of these moves are presented and deconstructed. 

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What is Structural Racism?

Courses to explore the complexities of structural racism and increase your ability to navigate racial dynamics.