Critically Conscious Connections
  with Dr. Washington


Through Critically Conscious Connections, institutions can purchase bulk licenses and customize course bundles to integrate into longitudinal curriculum, organization-wide trainings, or as part of group leadership coaching. 

Created by Sharon Washington Consulting, and 20 years of experience advancing education and strategic organizational change to promote equity in healthcare, this platform provides self-directed learning and community forum for equity-driven healthcare professionals. 

Institutionalizing Change

This online learning platform provides individuals and organizations with interactive, multimedia courses; live trainings; and access to community forums to integrate into longitudinal curriculum and organization-wide training approaches.
The following are key services of Sharon Washington Consulting: 


Organizational Assessments 

Climate surveys and grounding assessments identify growth opportunities, gather honest feedback, and provide a clear foundation for institutionalizing meaningful and sustainable change.


1:1 and Group Leadership Coaching 

Prepare institutional leaders to integrate DEIA through an immersive, 12-18-month virtual coaching series. Customized curriculum available for diverse and/or caucused leadership groups. 


Online Learning for Individuals & Groups

Learn critical concepts in DEIA, understand historical abuses in healthcare and social determinants of health, practice deep self and institutional reflection, and integrate meaningful training and development opportunities throughout the organization.

A National Leader in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Manage HR Magazine has recognized Dr. Washington as one of the Top 20 Diversity & Inclusion Service Providers! 

Recognized as an Innovator & Entrepreneur 

Top 100 Magazine recognized Dr. Washington as one of the Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs!

Group Racial Equity, Allyship & Leadership Coaching

Develop the knowledge, skills, agreements, and strategy to break institutional silence, interrupt bias, and institutionalize change. 

With 5-12 organizational leaders, your organization can enter into a new and transformative journey to cultivate equity!

1:1 & Group Coaching Sessions

Virtual group coaching retreats for groups as well as customized 1:1 coaching for leaders. Identify personal growth edges, trouble-shoot and access thought partnership from DEIA expert. 

Develop an Organizational Impact Map

Create shared organizational vision for DEIA, transparency and communication plans, impact map for individuals, and tools/resources to integrate critical consciousness into policy, practice, curriculum and organizational culture

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Organizational Leaders -
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Most leaders heard the call in 2020, now take a step to deepen the dialogue and prepare for sustainable change, healing & equity. 

Whether group or 1:1 leadership coaching, organization-wide climate assessment, coaching for BIPOC leaders, or online trainings for team members, we can help you advance equity! 

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Join Our Clients in Institutionalizing Critical Consciousness

Some words from our clients

"As a participant in racial caucusing, I am learning so much!! The pre-recorded lectures and readings are extremely informative and thought provoking. The way Dr. Washington has laid out the curriculum is effective, digestible, and engaging. The discussions within each group are honest, open, and welcoming. So happy to be a part of this effort in our department. I am able to share my knowledge with my friends and family, spreading this important information to all!!"
Research Administrator
"I felt that I had a somewhat developed racial literacy, which I quickly realized was not as developed as I'd hoped it to be (which was a good experience-to be able to quickly recognize my growth curve, where I was *actually* starting). Before the training I would often stumble through discussions about race but sometimes couldn't identify why that was. I feel like now I have a really good framework to go back to to help myself understand the whys and hows of my racial identity..."
Nursing Faculty 
"It has made me more thoughtful about my interactions with my BIPOC colleagues and recognize the many missed opportunities I've had over the years to practice/embody allyship. For so long I didn't feel like I necessarily needed to be part of discussions on diversity within the department and I recognize now that I absolutely must be part of that work."
Family Physician