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Many health care providers, leaders, learners and administrators believe in health equity, but lack formal training on the social determinants of health and systems of inequity. Without the content knowledge and skills to engage in cross-cultural care and inclusive teaching and leadership, institutionalizing change continues to be a challenge. 

Critically Conscious Connections has courses, tools and resources that meet health care professionals at each level of DEI development and readiness. Courses can be customized and bundled for teams and organization-wide training or coupled with 1:1 coaching. 

Identify courses to enhance your ability to lead diverse teams, and interrupt interpersonal and institutional bias to cultivate equity. 

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You may be new to DEI discourse, or early in your journey of self-reflection and processing through a critical equity lens. Getting started with entering critical conversations regarding health and social inequities can be overwhelming. You're committed to doing no harm, but there are so many sensitive and harmful terms and triggers to be aware of. It can be hard to know where to start. 
You are thoughtful about how you show up and not perpetuating harm or bias, and with a busy schedule, try to engage in learning more. You likely review DEI-related content online when available, listen to podcasts, or have conversations with those who are trusted and comfortable, regarding these issues, but don't consistently speak up or interrupt bias.
Whether through lived experience and/or dedicated learning, you have sought to have a fundamental equity awareness that you put into practice often. You engage in open and critical dialogues about these issues, and truly desire to take meaningful action to sustain internal and institutional change to promote and achieve equity. You lean into opportunities to engage, and that is amazing!
You are consistently engaged in DEI discourse and decision-making spaces, and looked to (or leveraged) as a voice or leader in the work. This is often a tremendous lift, driven by passion and the call for equity and justice, yet offered limited institutional and financial investment
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Introduction to DEI in Health Care

Health Care DEI Fundamentals 

Engaged & Collaborating in DEI Action

Leading DEI in Teams & Institutions

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Organization-Wide Consultation

Is your organization ready for a comprehensive consultation? Seeking an assessment, and full range of services and interventions to achieve equity? We've got you covered! 
"I have struggled with defensiveness to these topics in the past, but this really helps to reframe what this work is all about" 
— Law Enforcement Leader
"I hadn't thought about how important it is to be aware of how my body is responding to racial dialogue. I usually am actively cognitively distancing myself from my body as I move through these issues, but this really helped me slow down and show up with intention."
— BIPOC Health Care Leader
"Deconstructing whiteness has taught me how to name my privilege, and sit in the discomfort of my own thoughts and feelings as a white person having these hard discussions with my BIPOC team members and friends. We don't learn these things in school, in medical school, but it's so important to have these skills in practice."
— Internal Medicine Faculty