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Social Identity Profile Exercise: Who am I, and Why Does it Matter?

Increase self-awareness and critical consciousness of personal bias, blindspots, and growth opportunities. 

This reflective exercise promotes deep self-reflection on your socially constructed identities, and how/when they influence your social and team dynamics. 
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:  40min - 1 hour 
  • Video Time:  25 minutes
  • Author: Sharon GE Washington, Ed.D., MPH

What's included?

  • Deeply engaging exercise

    This exercise leaves diverse learners exploring their identities and experience in new ways
  • Multimedia learning

    With video lecture, digital download content, and access to online forum
  • Discuss with others

    Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, engage others in your growth

Integrate into your institution's longitudinal curriculum! 

Our learners love us

This really made me think about privilege in a different way. It has been presented to me through work trainings before, and to be honest, I was defensive. But this really helped me to see it in a new way and I get it. 
Corporate Team Member
As a woman of color, I often think of myself as having JUST societal disadvantages through my identity, so I appreciate the opportunity to reflect holistically and with a broader lens on more of what makes me who I am, including my privileges and agency. 
Nurse Manager
I was able to do this exercise on my own, process it, check my reactions and biases, then engage my team with the exercise. It really opened up deeper conversations and our dynamics have felt more honest and collaborative since. Thank you! 
Health Center Medical Director

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