DEI Fundamentals

You are a health care provider, leader, or administrator who is actively reflecting on yourself, increasing your knowledge, exploring your own biases and impact. 

Speaking up, interrupting bias and harms, and taking up space may still be new or unpolished, but you are committed! We can help leaders like you to deepen your self-reflection, align your equity approach with authenticity and compassion, and begin to apply your growth to team dynamics, practice & decision-making.
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Confidently show up as a DEI leader

We have a record of success working with providers who are ready to grow, open to self-exploration, and desiring an honest and loving entry into DEI leadership.
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Increasing Somatic Awareness

This work and these conversations are rooted in confronting trauma, track and mitigate the reactive responses you have in your body in the midst of challenging or triggering equity efforts. 

Leveraging Your Agency 

Identify your agency and influence within your teams, organization and community. Own your power to cultivate change, find your voice & step into your own space to enhance equity. 

Speaking Up

Utilize tools and proven approaches to aligning in solidarity with those who are marginalized. Build your capacity for speaking up to amplify equity priorities and interrupt bias and harm in real time, interpersonally and institutionally.

Connect with others

Don't continue to do this work in siloes. Equity can only be achieved in and through community. Engage in live trainings, dialogue spaces, community chat forum, and grow your active DEI support network. 

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What our clients say

The racial literacy teachings have been so helpful for expanding understanding and increasing our comfort level with discussions of race and oppression. Furthermore, her one-on-one and small group consultations have been so hopeful at moving us through some major roadblocks on this journey.
Brian Johnson, Residency Program Director
They assisted my team in deepening our understanding of the needs of our staff, faculty, learners, and beyond. But what truly sets Dr. Washington apart is her exceptional interpersonal skills. She is warm, empathetic, honest and genuinely invested in the success of their clients. Her ability to build strong relationships and foster trust is truly remarkable, and it made working with her an absolute pleasure.
Jasmine Powell, DEI Leader
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