Advancing DEIA in Family Medicine

90% of family medicine residents believe racial equity should be a curricular priority. 

  • Only about 30% of programs offer racial justice curriculum
  • 54.4% of programs that do offer racial justice curriculum offer it intermittently 

Sharon Washington Consulting supports programs & departments in overcoming these challenges to integrating a critical consciousness of racial equity and health justice into training and practice. 
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learners enrolled in Critically Conscious Connections


satisfaction with CCC among learners 


multi-sector and interdisciplinary client institutions served 
SWC Process for Engaging in Action to Create Equity

Comprehensive DEIA for Family Medicine

  • Conduct grounding organizational assessment
  • Integrate self-directed online learning into institutional curriculum
  • Engage program & DEIA leaders in intensive group coaching
  • Provide program-wide trainings or dialogue spaces
  • Provide 1:1 coaching for BIPOC residents & faculty, DEIA leaders, program leadership, or allies 
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"We have language, greater understanding and, I believe, greater commitment to anti-racism." 
Brian Johnson - Family Medicine

SWC services for residency & departmental needs: 

Explore consultation, coaching, and organizational assessment services.

Organizational Consultation

Schedule a call to explore organizational assessments, climate surveys, organization-wide trainings and dialogues, and integrating CCC into longitudinal curriculum.

Group Leadership Coaching

Engage DEIA champions in intensive equity leadership coaching. Preparing leaders to integrate and sustain antiracist curriculum, policy, norms, and prepare for pushback. 

FREE Resource for Gaining Buy-In

Empower yourself to drive change, improve patient outcomes, and create a diverse and inclusive healthcare environment. Let's revolutionize healthcare together!
Join the over 15 family and internal medicine residency programs, FQHCs & primary care centers who have integrated Critically Conscious Connections or consultation from Sharon Washington Consulting.

FREE Toolkit for Integrating Critically Conscious Curriculum 

1:1 DEIA Coaching

Receive personalized guidance, support, and mentorship from Sharon Washington, a renowned expert committed to fostering inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist leadership practices. Benefit from Sharon's extensive expertise, insights, and experience, tailored to your unique needs, challenges, and aspirations.
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Who have we collaborated with? 

SWC has collaborated with the following and other family medicine departments/residency programs

UCSF Department of Family & Community Medicine 

University of Minnesota Department Family Medicine & Community Health

Sutter Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency

Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine Residency

Contra Costa Family Medicine Residency

Stanford Family Medicine Residency

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Download our FREE tool for Navigating Patient Bias 

In clinical team settings, healthcare professionals often find themselves bystanders or targets when patients direct bias or microaggressions towards their colleagues, learners, or themselves.
Women and people of color are disproportionately targets of these incidents, and the changing demographics of medical students lead to more instances of bias and microaggressions in training environments. 
Healthcare professionals and leaders can use this guide to interrupt and prevent bias and harm from patients.

Self-Paced Online DEIA Courses

Longitudinal Curriculum | Racial Equity in Healthcare | Antiracist Teaching & Learning

Programs and departments can integrate courses into longitudinal curriculum for residents; provide & track faculty development; or integrate into staff onboarding.

Group discounts available for faculty groups, DEIA leadership teams, or committees. 

Courses can be customized to meet the unique needs of the program/department.
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Hiring. | Policy. | Training. | Engagement.

Unlock the power of diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism (DEIA) in your organization with our free checklist for implementing a comprehensive grounding assessment.

From evaluating workforce demographics to enhancing hiring practices, policies, and community engagement, this tool covers essential steps for fostering a more equitable and inclusive environment.

Whether you're an organizational leader or a DEIA committee, download our checklist today to drive meaningful change and cultivate a culture of belonging.

Confront the History of Resistance to Racial Equity

Understanding the history of resistance to racial equity in the United States is crucial in our pursuit of justice and equity. This history, marked by the undermining of Reconstruction, violent suppression of freedom and voting rights, and the era of Jim Crow laws and lynchings, has deeply impacted our society.

From discriminatory Supreme Court rulings to contemporary efforts obstructing diversity and inclusion initiatives, this legacy persists today. Recognizing this connection empowers us to confront present-day challenges and safeguard the progress made towards equality. By acknowledging this history, we arm ourselves against forces seeking to hinder diversity and inclusion advancements, ensuring a more equitable future for all.

Fortify your DEIA efforts by anticipating pushback

  • Learning from past Supreme Court rulings that have perpetuated injustice, allows you to navigate potential legal and ethical challenges more effectively.
  • By confronting and addressing this silence, organizations can foster a culture of accountability and allyship, creating space for meaningful dialogue and action towards equity.
  • This resource equips you with the knowledge to navigate and counter these challenges, ensuring that your DEIA efforts remain resilient and effective.
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