Leading DEI in Teams & Institutions

You are a consistent ally, engaging in DEI discourse and action. 

As a leader committed to this work, you can benefit from tools to sustain your balance and well-being in this work, as well as strategies and resources for institutionalizing change, interrupting bias and harm in real time. 

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Internal Growth with Institutional Impact

For leaders, providers, administrators, and learners who are consistently engaged in DEI discourse and action, and are ready to deepen their authentic development and expand their impact, we offer the following:
  • Online courses
  • Strategic planning
  • 1:1 coaching 
  • Bulk licenses for organization-wide learning
  • Intensive coaching cohorts
  • Organizational assessments
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Our courses

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Systems Conscious Leaders

Deliverables of our training programs

Grounding Tool Kit

Leverage resources and exercises to ground yourself in DEI discourse and advocacy, so you can maintain balance, wellness, and compassion. Mitigate your own triggers, biases, and blindspots as you lead others and change systems. 

Organizational Climate Assessment

Use tools to capture a pulse of the DEI culture within your organization. Rather than off-the-shelf ideas, change is driven from the organic baseline needs of your teams. 

Communication Strategy

Engage invested and change agents to institutionalize change, increase transparency and accountability as DEI growth progresses throughout the organization. 

Impact Mapping

Align personal agency and influence with organizational priorities to plan next steps, and resources for funding DEI efforts. 

1:1 Coaching

Customize this intimate development opportunity to meet your growth edges. Get honest feedback, critical insights into how you show up, and tools for increasing authentic allyship and equity leadership. 

Organizational Assessments

From climate surveys, listening sessions, safe & brave spaces, to dialogues and organization-wide trainings, we will identify the needs and assets of the organization and create meaningful and sustainable change processes. 
Based on where you're at, you would benefit from organizational consultation!

Leverage consultation to advance your DEI efforts

In addition to online training, leaders who are active allies benefit from our consultation services. With 20 years of experience engaging in critically conscious conversations in health care, we are prepared to support leaders as you institutionalize equity at all levels. 

To advance equity, you need

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Are you trying to integrate DEIA into your institution? Download this FREE tool full of tips for gaining buy-in from organizational leaders. 

Some feedback from other Leaders

We are dedicated to empowering you with knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide culturally humble care, teaching & leadership. 

“It's been hard, and it's totally worth it”

Being able to bring hard issues to Dr. Washington and get her perspective has been so valuable. she pushes and at times it's been hard, but we all knew that going in and it's been totally worth it. It feels like we are able to engage around race, racism and oppression in a way that no longer paralyzes us. We have language, greater understanding and, I believe, greater commitment to anti-racism.

Brian -Residency Program Director

“Thoughtful, strategic recommendations that have already had an impact”

Dr. Washington helped us increase our knowledge and skill sets as leaders, and assisted us in devising a dissemination plan to take out strategic plans for ideas on paper and turn them into equitable actions. From the very first meeting, it was clear that she was not only highly knowledgeable in their field, but also deeply committed to understanding our organization's unique needs and goals. Her expertise and insights were invaluable, and they provided thoughtful, strategic recommendations that have already had a significant impact on our operations.
Jasmine - Leader in OBGYN Department

“Pushing me to my growth edge”

The course content is challenging, intriguing, and pushing me to my growth edges. 
Kirsten - Family Medicine Physician
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Yes!  Our school is committed to creating and continuously improving effective learning resources.

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Yes! You will get a certificate for the completion of an online course as soon as you have marked all course units as completed and you have passed the online course assessments.

What if I have more questions that are not answered here? 

Please, send your questions to info@sharonwashingtonconsulting.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

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