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You are a leader who is active in DEI efforts, taking action through your work and personal life. You are ready to dig deeper into yourself, your own blindspots and biases, and take more meaningful action to interrupt harm as you witness it.

Navigating pushback from patients or senior leadership may still be a challenge, as well as leading with a clear vision for institutionalizing equity. 


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We help ready leaders take DEI to the next level

We are an online educational platform that helps health care professionals, learners, and leaders to have access to the most thought provoking & efficacious practices to advance authentic health equity efforts.

Coupled with 1:1 coaching, organizational assessments, and bulk licenses for organization-wide learning and dialogue, we help people grow, so that institutions can change, and communities can heal. 
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Courses for your readiness level

These courses are well-designed for health care leaders and providers who are actively engaged in DEI efforts and dialogue and want to enhance their authenticity, critical self-reflection, and ability to speak up, interrupt, and lead others. 

To institutionalize equity, you need

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Trying to advance equity in your organization? Download our tool for gaining buy-in from organizational leadership. 
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Customize learning for your organization

We can customize course content to meet the unique needs of your team or organization. Whether for a leadership training, for your DEI committee, or organization-wide training, CCC courses are able to be tailored to your organizational needs and readiness. 
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